FPGA Consultant / Contractor

We are an electronics and software consulting group with over 20 years of industry experience providing FPGA design services and real-time embedded software development. Our goal is to help our clients with their engineering design outsourcing needs in today's aggressive and competitive market. Our FPGA consulting services include IP core design, optimization, simulation/verification, synthesis, place-and-route, timing closure, and continuous customer support. We are TS/SCI ready for DoD related programs. Please contact us to further discuss your goals.

FPGA Design

We have extensive experience in FPGA design ranging from requirements gathering, design specifications, architecture, RTL design, simulations, synthesis, place-and-route, and timing closure. We have worked with Altera and Xilinx devices in a broad range of applications including digital communications, video, graphics accelerators, algorithm optimization, and emulation prior committing to an ASIC.

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Embedded Software

We also have extensive experience in developing real-time embedded software applications. Specially in the areas of real-time operating systems (RTOS), driver development, and embedded cores within FPGA architectures.

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Tech Blog

Our tech blog consists of FPGA and embedded software solutions. We believe in open standards and we share best practices, including solutions to known issues, example projects, and related industry publications.

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