Embedded Software

Our technical services also expand to embedded real-time software development. Specifically, we support various FPGA SoC architectures including:
  • Hard processor system (HPS) – ARM
  • Soft-core CPU – Nios II & MicroBlaze
We can also help you with applications involving real-time operating systems (RTOS) including:
  • RTXC
  • VxWorks


 Some of our previous projects include:
  • Converted various fixed-point DSP algorithms from MATLAB to C/C++, implemented DMA interface using TI’s DM3730 DaVinci digital media processor (ARM Cortex-A8 / C64x+ DSP), and performed SW/FPGA integration, testing, and performance analysis. Developed automated regression scripts for testing GPP/DSP/FPGA functionality.
  • Trade studies of potential solutions best suited for various radio products, including RTOS/POSIX support (INTEGRITY, VxWorks), evaluation of Embedded C++, and FPGA design/porting analysis; area/resource constraints, timing, and power analysis. Compiled systems requirements, design assessments, and software/FPGA porting plans.
  • Object-Oriented Design (OOD) of various modules including BER agent, RSSI acquisition layer, and test pattern generation engine for next generation of two-way government radios. Experience with Rational Rose Real-Time, UML, and C/C++.
  • Real-time embedded software development for hand-held telecommunication devices. Fully versed in preemptive, multi-tasking environments including memory resource protection schemes, inter-process communication, task scheduling, exception handling, ISRs, timing constraints, and test/debug. Experience with RTOS kernel awareness, and multi-processor architectures (ARM, StarCore).